Saturday 16 August 2008

3 hours round my patch today, and 45 species were recorded, a reasonable total. The hedgerow along the golfcourse held a few birds today, including 4 BULLFINCH and 3 NUTHATCH, both family parties. At the lake, and scrub area, I found at least 12 BLACKCAPS, males, females and young birds, all feeding in a group of elder trees, whilst another group of Bullfinch, at least 8 were also feeding up on the surrounding berry bushes. On the lake just 4 CANADA GEESE, 2 MALLARDS and 3-4 MOORHENS were seen. The wet woods were very quiet, but once out the other side, I found the LITTLE OWL in it's usual oak, in the small holding area.
The second half of the walk produced another sighting of a HOBBY, chasing SWALLOWS over the tree nursery, while in the bushes that had bramble still growing through them, a WHITETHROAT,numerous DUNNOCKS, BLACKBIRDS and SOGTHRUSH'S helped themselves to the blackberries. The Barn Owl wasn't at home today though.
On to Migrant Alley, only about 400 people and 800 dogs were seen here, so it was straight round to the stream that runs beside the college grounds, where I found only my second sighting of a Banded Demoiselle. A little furthe down a feeding flock of LONG TAILED TITS had the usual GREAT AND BLUE TITS with it as well as a WILLOW WARBLER, the fourth day in a row I have seen one. I crossed into the college grounds, and looked up for a Crossbill in the pines, but it would be a slim chance of finding one, most of the cones have been devoured by squirrels! I did flush up a GREY HERON from one of the ponds, and saw a MALLARD with five newly fledged youngsters. I didn't walk back through Migrant alley, but went around it, as I was nearing the Greenhouse complex 3 YELLOW WAGTAILS flew over, giving their piercing call, I watched them through my bins, as they flew over Migrant Alley, circled, and came down somewhere near the college grounds.

Mum Mallard with five young at the college grounds

Banded Demoiselle, along the stream by the college

Well.................I just couldn't resist this!


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Well done with the Yellow wags Warren and a good number of Bullfinches too! Do Littl eowls really excist?! Nice photos..

Mosura said...

That Banded Demoiselle is a beauty.

Are you going to hang a few of those signs around the vicinity of the dog show? :-)

Steve said...

very nice banded demoiselle picture.....and more yellow wags!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: Love your damselfly photo, very nice.