Friday 15 August 2008

This morning was clear and fine, although a little cooler of late. I set off at 06:45, and quickly tallied up 20 species, including 4 SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS, a family group feeding in a group of oaks at the golf course. They must of bred outside my area. There was less to see at the lake and scrub area than yesterday, and it remained a pretty standard visit during the woodland part of the walk.
Things livened up again when out on the farmland, the BARN OWL was at his roost, and as I neared Migrant Alley, I heard a YELLOW WAGTAIL, at first I couldn't see it, but it's call came nearer I saw that there were in fact 2, they went straight into the maize crop, another new species for the month, thanks migrant alley!
I walked through the college grounds, and managed a pic. of a Painted Lady butterfly, only the second seen this year. At the college sports pitch I looked up, thinking of yesterdays Hobbies, and low and behold, high in the sky, another two! this time they were chasing a SWIFT, the Swift was a good record in itself. As I watched, I'm not sure if the Swift was just teasing the HOBBIES or the Hobbies weren't seriously chasing the Swift, the swift got away in the end, but it didn't look like a real hunt was on.
Another good day count of 48 species, but I think Migrant alley will be of little use to me this weekend. ( see bottom pic.)

Painted Lady Butterfly
This is three black blobs!! however if you look very carefully, bottom left of the pic. is one Hobby, another Hobby is near the top, with the Swift just to the left and below the top Hobby. Not a great photo, you had to be there really!

This Hobby came in a little closer.

Barn Owl at it's roost again.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgh!! A trip out to migrant alley this afternoon and horror. Caravans, cars and tents were rapidly filling the sheep pasture, the sports pitch, and one of the horse paddocks at Migrant Alley. It seems there is going to be a dogshow, Hundreds of bloody dogs! all over migrant alley, Thanks hadlow college. I only hope it's for the weekend and not all week.
All you patch watchers know what a disturbance dogwalkers can sometimes cause - please spare me a thought. )-:


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great day you had there Warren, I also had 4 Spot flys at Bough beech today. Great pictures!

Steve said...

Sounds like you had a great day Warren - well done with the Yellow do really well to get them so far in land these days. I know what you mean about dogs - I experienced it yesterday on my patch (see my Friday post) Maybe keep your eyes up for a fly over Osprey? :-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Nice one with the Painted Lady ,
in all a great day .