Saturday 30 August 2008

This morning I had the good fortune to be able to help my local ringer, so no visit was made to the patch. We caught 25 birds in 4hours, the star bird being a migrant SEDGE WARBLER. Also of note were 5 Juv. BULLFINCH, nice to see local bred birds.
If you get a chance to help out a bird ringer I can really recommend it.

I'll be out early tomorrow morning for the final Aug. patch visit. I need just one more new species for the month to equal the highest monthly total ever recorded, 2 would be great!!

Above and below: The migrant Sedge Warbler.
Next is a Chiffchaff.Then a Common Whitethroat

Last of all one of the juv. Bullfinch


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Loveley stuff Warren, Have you got a ringing license or do you just help out occasionally?

Warren Baker said...

I just help out.The ringer lives a few doors up from me, he's in his 70s, so I do most of the donkey work and book work, while he rings. We ring whenever the weather is still, which this year is pretty infrequent!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: They seem so calm, very surprising.

Warren Baker said...

Fishing guy,
When the birds are handled correctly,and as briefly as possible,they are quite content.

John Young said...

Hi Warren, seeing birds close up is a real pleasure and really helps with id and understanding bird structure. Looks like you managed to catch a nice range of species.