Tuesday 12 August 2008

The early part of this morning was a total right off. Heavy rain prevented me getting out until 8.00am. Once I was out, the skies cleared quite quickly, and some warm sunny periods were had.
I only recorded 42 species in the 4 hour visit, but that wasn't too bad, as the early hours that were missed means species like Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Jay and Nuthatch were unlikely to be encountered.
I started my walk from the farmland circuit today, I usually do this second, but due to the late start I wanted to get round the college grounds early enough to beat the workgangs! This paid off, as I came across the SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS, being the only person around I could pick my spot and get some good photo's without me or the birds being disturbed. I also found the KINGFISHER, but again missed a photo opportunity!
The BARN OWL was back at his roost, and on the latter part of the walk, I located the LITTLE OWL in its usual oak tree. A noteable occurrence was the HOUSE SPARROWS, they seem to have finished breeding, and were flocking up in one of the hedgrows that borders a field of barley, at Ashes Lane.
In the wet woods a large-ish party of GREAT TITS 10 -15 in all, were feeding, along with a single TREECREEPER.

The picture below was taken this afternoon. It is of a roost of Brown Long Eared bats in my attic! My missus was on one of her cleaning missions and found them - nice one Joy! I took two quick pic's and put the loft hatch back on. If you click on the pic. and enlarge it, you will be able to pick out at least 4 individuals.

Below are the better shots of the Spotted Flycatchers. in the college grounds

below is one of the House Sparrows in the Hedgerow at Ashes Lane, a fine looking Male. you can just see a metal ring on its left leg, it should have 3 plastic rings as well, enabling me to ID it individually, but the clever little fellows seem to be able to remove them.

Despite the heavy rain earlier, there was still a Common Darter to be seen

This is the Little owl in the oak tree. just for Josh!
If your reading this Josh, I wouldn't have known it was there unless I had seen it fly in there last week! It would have been all to easily overlooked.
Can you see it without enlarging the image?


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Yeah I can just make it out! Evil staring eyes, my life time ambition: To see a Little owl!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Most people settle for Sparrows or Starlings , but Long-eared Bats , that's certainly something to crow about .
I reckon the Little Owl is one of Kingsdowner's pet ones that he has lent you .

Simon said...

Brilliant photos Warren.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: Not only could I not see the little owl, it took two times making it big to find it. Very interesting captures today.
Those bat photos are great.

Warren Baker said...

The best thing about those bats in the loft, is that they won't leave until sepember. That means no going into the loft for all the decorating stuff!!

Ive given the Little Owls back to steve now.