Saturday 9 August 2008

It was still, and sunny when I set of for a four hour walk round the patch at 06:30 this morning. However by the end of the walk conditions were turning windy, and heavy cloud drifted over. A disappointing total of 42 species was recorded, with common species such as Dunnnock, Songthrush, and Mistlethrush not being found. Summer migrants were few also, only BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF, and LESSER WHITETHROAT were seen, along with the SWALLOWS and HOUSE MARTINS. There was no sign of the Spotted Flycatchers in the college grounds, but a KINGFISHER flew off one of the ponds there. The only other thing happening today was the continued flyover of Gulls, LESSER BLACK BACKED, HERRING and to a lesser extent BLACK HEADED GULLS, were all trickling over.

Above and below: One of the few summer migrants to be seen was this young Blackcap, feeding on elderberries.

I came across this albino rabbit whilst out. I've seen black ones around, but this is the first albino.


Mike said...

Nice shots of the Blackcap Warren.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Great Blackcap shots .
Is that a magician just behind the hedge , carrying a top hat ?

Warren Baker said...

Thanks mike,
Got some way to match your skills!

I'll need to pull a few rabbits out of the hat, if i'm going to reach 100 species this year!

Simon said...

Super Blackcap photos Warren.

Steve said...

Nice Blackcap pictures Warren

Mosura said...

We get a few white and some black rabbits among out feral populations here. Escaped pets perhaps.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: I hope you didn't try to follow that rabbit down a hole, you know what happened to Alice.