Monday 4 August 2008

It felt a bit Autumnal this morning on the way to work, but the singing YELLOWHAMMER in ashes lane reminded me there was still a bit of summer left. SWALLOWS skimmed over the maize crop at migrant alley, and LINNETS were on the fencing, but little else was about.
This afternoon I walked through the tree nursery, trying to find a Whitethroat for the Aug. list, as this was the last place I saw one, but they weren't about. A couple of noisey
GREEN WOODPECKERS flew up from between the rows of trees, as did two STOCK DOVES. I walked up the adjacent field boundary and checked the hedgerow that leads me onto Migrant Alley, only a DUNNOCK and a few BLUE TITS were there. At Migrant Alley, I stopped and watched 15 or so SWIFTS go over, and a 3 HERRING GULLS with a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL. Linnets and Swallows were still the most numerous birds about, closely folllowed by PIED WAGTAILS, one adult was feeding two youngsters on the dung heap. Thereafter a band of short sharp showers passed through, and ended my walk.

I watched the garden feeders for an hour or so. GREENFINCH (Above) were now getting quite numerous, 8 were at the sunflower hearts. A flock of 9 STARLINGS came down to the Elder tree, which has now got some ripening fruit on, hopefully it might attract a Blackcap or Lesser Whitethroat in, as happens in most years, less so the Common Whitethroat.
Three GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS came in , a female and two young birds.

A squirrel has taken the majority of the cob nuts from the tree, I suppose it's better than nicking the sunflower hearts.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
If you want to attract an overwintering Blackcap , try planting a Callicarpa shrub . It produces small 'pearl mauve' berries , and I have never seen any other bird eat them .
Touche on the GSW.

Mosura said...

Migrant Alley! I like the sound of that. It's been a good spot has it?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: That is a great squirrel capture. He looks so wonderful sitting there with its food.

Warren Baker said...

Migrant alley is a set of fields, of which the odd one gets used for crops, the others hold Horses, and Sheep. For some reason migrating birds seem to stop off for a day or two on these fields. Some common such as wheatear, others rare such as Hen harrier.

Steve said...

really like the squirrel pic warren