Thursday 7 August 2008

It was humid, and misty this morning after a real hum-dinger of a thunderstorm last night. Somewhere from the wet hedgerow, along ashes lane, a whitethroat was making it's scolding 'cherr' 'cherr' noise. Above, over the greenhouses, 30+ SWALLOWS were feeding, along with just a couple of HOUSE MARTINS. As I crossed Migrant Alley there was a steady trickle of HERRING GULLS going over, in ones and twos, whilst in the distance a large flock of GREY LAG Geese flew southwards.
Only an hour to spare this afternoon, but a quick trip round the paddocks and maize field, at migrant alley produced another species for the Aug. list, when a SAND MARTIN flew low over, bring this months total to 57. Earlier this month I said I was chasing last years record Aug. high of 70 species, I read the wrong column, it's only 66 I need, 70 is septembers high!
I may go out again this evening if I have time. Do a bit of skywatching.

Above and below the SAND MARTIN that flew over the Maize crop.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Great shots of the Sand Martin .
Perhaps it was the tablets that made you read the wrong column .

Steve said...

Good pics of Sand Martin Warren...well done!

Warren Baker said...
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Warren Baker said...

I was pleased to get the shots of the sand martin. I don't see them every year.
Thanks guys.

Mosura said...

You did well catching the sand martins. Zippy little things aren't they.