Friday 29 August 2008

A CHIFFCHAFF sang from the College grounds this morning, the first heard singing for quite some time, and probably quite likely one of the last. Also 5 MISTLE THRUSH'S flew from a fir tree, they have been scarce the in last few weeks. Not much else to report on my daily walk to and from work.
This afternoon's trip to Migrant Alley was abandoned on reaching it, the stable lass's were out with tractors and strimmers ''Tidying'' the fields, what for ? it's like vacuuming the garden ! I did however get a good view, and a couple of pics of a flyover HOBBY as I was coming home.
I made a cup of tea and did some garden birdwatching. I was alomost immediately visited by the first Chiffchaff to use my garden this year, species number 33 to do so. Other visitors included 2 COAL TITS, and a NUTHATCH - all in fresh plumage, and a not so handsome GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER still moulting it's head feathers. Flyovers noted were 2 CORMORANT, 5 HERRING GULLS and a GREY HERON, as well as the local SWALLOWS, now numbering 40 - 50.

The two pics below are of the Hobby, below them is the Nuthatch, then a Coal Tit (again!)


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Love the hobby shots Warren!

Simon said...

Brilliant photos Warren!

Steve said...

Great Hobby shots again Warren.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: Great shots of the flying bird.
I saw an indgo bird yesterday from the car with no chase to photograph. It was the first time I saw this color on a bird.