Monday 13 October 2008

Another foggy morning, but not quite as dense as the weekends fog. Nothing to report on the walk in, but I am always on the lookout for a Snipe that might just fly up out of the rougher patches of grass.
As I walked home through the Maize stubbles, the now usual LINNETS, MEADOW PIPITS, PIED WAGTAILS and the odd SKYLARK flew up, and I saw that another fenceline was going up on the field boundary, in the adjacent field, 1 meter away from the existing fence, this is the width of the new hedgerow that will be planted in it, something else for the contractors to smash up!
Another quick visit to Migrant alley, around the stubbles and paddocks was made after lunch, but not alot was seen, a flock of 20 or so GOLDFINCH had joined the stubble flock. I walked along the hedgerow, and on to the tree nursery primarily to see if the BARN OWL was in it's shack, which it was. Workman were removing the young tree's in the nursery, so I walked over to the lake area, and sat and watched the water for a while. At least 18 MALLARD were on the water, as well as 2-3 MOOREN, but nothing more exciting than that. Whilst sitting, I heard COAL TIT, BULLFINCH and SISKIN call. No new species for the month were added today - 64 is the target, it seems a long way off, i'm stuck on 58, but I havn't recorded any Geese yet.
The MARSH TIT was in the garden again today, it seems a lot bolder than the rest of the birds, lets hope it can avoid th Sparrowhawk!

ABOVE and below ; A Female HOUSE SPARROW, (Male in the Background)


Mike said...

Nice sparrow pics Warren, love the sound these birds make.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: I love these little guys, they are neat. Drop by and see what I showed today from an aquarium visit.