Thursday 2 October 2008

The bulk of the migrants seem to have passed through now, I may get the odd Wheatear or Stonechat but I think the exciting times are over now. There are still a few HOUSE MARTINS going through though, and with one of the small flocks that passed over this afternoon was a single SAND MARTIN, the first ever to be recorded in October, the odd SWALLOW also put in an appearance. The maize stubbles seemed less lively today, but there were still around 100 LINNETS, with fewer MEADOW PIPITS than of late, the Linnets have usually left my patch by the end of the month, along with most, but not all, of the Meadow Pipits. A KESTREL and a SPARROWHAWK came in for the chance of a meal, they each in turn flushed up all the birds together, giving quite a spectacle.
A trip round the tree nursery yielded a flock of LONG TAILED TITS, with a couple of GOLDCREST and another of the last of the summer migrants still with us - a CHIFFCHAFF. Whilst there, I checked out the BARN OWL roost, and was pleased to see it there, another species never recorded in October. I went over to the lake but very little was there, just MALLARD and MOORHEN.

If you click to enlarge the above photo, you should see part of the linnet flock, with a single GOLDFICH among them. Can you spot it?
Above is another photo of the linnets

Above is the result of yesterdays ''old english tradition of butcher the hedgerow'' This was the hedgerow that runs along the tree nursery and on to Migrant alley, just 2 days ago it was laden with Berries and fruit, it was the winter larder for many birds and small mammals. I thank the college on behalf of the wild creatures.
Below is a photo of the high ground to the north east of my patch, in the foreground is the tree nursery, the telephone cables run above Ashes Lane, with the plastic poly tunnels just behind, immediately behind these are the Maize stubbles. you can make out a Church on the hill.

Below is a closer look at the Church, the wife and I often go up there, it has spectacular views, and has a strange air of tranquility about it.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Underneath the gutterline , above and between the two small windows .
Please donate the prize , I assume that it would be a bottle of Claret or Merlot , to a recipient of your choice who would appreciate it .

Warren Baker said...

Well Done Greenie!
If we should ever meet, i'll buy you a large glass of Merlot!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Nice one , I'll keep you to that .
Thanks for the ID of the white and grey one .

Steve said...

Greenie beat me too it! Maybe we should have a Christmas Bloggers get together??!!??