Wednesday 15 October 2008

Whilst crossing migrant alley on the way home from work, I stopped for a while and noted what birds were around, there were the usual LINNETS, MEADOW PIPITS, and PIED WAGTAILS, and also a GREEN WOODPECKER on the fence line, right next to a YELLOWHAMMER, the colouring of the two species went well together, but it's not often you get to see them in the same place, as they have completely differing habits, and food requirements. I carried on and a few GOLDFINCH flew up, but it then started to rain. It carried on raining after my lunch, so I thought i'd stay in and watch the garden for a couple of hours.
It was mostly disappointing, mainly because of the SPARROWHAWK - 4 times I opened the window and flushed it from the leylandi tree - it's favourite hiding place. Just 14 species visited, (including the hawk) species such as Starling, Blackbird and Dunnock had the sense to stay away, but the COAL, BLUE and GREAT TITS were all doing a 'grab and go' on the feeders. GOLD, GREEN and CHAFFINCH braved the hawk for just a few moments, but were very nervous.
Outside the garden boundaries, another 10 species were seen, a flyover CORMORANT was of most interest, also 12 MALLARD sat and rested on the butile liner of the greenhouse reservoir, whilst a lone MISTLE THRUSH had me squinting through my bins, as it flew over - just thought it could have been the first Fieldfare of the Autumn, but alas no, but they will be here anyday now.
The weather looks better for tomorrow, so hopefully I get get out and add some species to the months list.

Here's some garden bird photo's, but the light was too poor really.

Above: Goldfinch feeding on sunflower hearts. and below a Great Tit just about to.

Can you see the Sparrowhawk hiding ? What a pest!

Oh! This is the same picture twice! It shows the black butile lined reservoir. It holds the rain water from the greenhouse rooves. There is a moorhen on the extreme middle right. One of these pics was meant to be of the view just above this photo. It shows all the autumn colour, but I cocked it up!


Mike said...

Lets hope the weather picks up, rain rain and more rain up here.
Thanks for the ID on the Willow Tit much appreciated.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: What a neat photo of the Goldfinch. I love the red face, a really great a bird.