Sunday, 27 July 2008

Abit of a change today. I went to help my local bird ringer at our nearby ringing site. We got there at 5am, and caught 28 birds in 6 hrs. I thought I'd put some pics on my blog for you to see, most of the birds are in various stages of moult, and so are less than at their best, but they are still great to look at!

One of this springs WRENS

Apologies to anyone seeing this pic. earlier today. I labelled it incorrectly as a Garden Warbler. It is in fact a NIGHTINGALE. It was in heavy moult, and was missing most of it's tail and primary feathers, it wouldn't thank me for taking it's pic. in this state!

A Juv. GOLDFINCH. I'll get its red face, and lose it's spots later in the autumn


This CHIFFCHAFF was in a bit of a state, due to it moulting it's feathers.


fishing guy said...

Warren: Those are some great shots of the baby birds.

Greenie said...

A privelige to see those birds close up , regardless of their stage of moult .
Ringing must be an interesting and exciting time .

Simon said...

Some nice birds there Warren. I'd love to train to bird ring.

Steve said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Warren - must be fantastic to get that close

Kingsdowner said...

Fascinating shots - it must improve a birder's skills immensely to see the birds so close, and to be able to pick out the small details.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Looks like a good day was had, nice to see the different species shown off.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks all for the comments.
Ringing the birds, and seeing them up close is a real privilage. Though sometimes when they are up close they look ''out of context'' and sometimes you have to look twice at the bird to ID it!
Simon, the BTO are always looking to train new ringers, its not all fun though! Alot of preparation goes into the site work, and lots of paper work/computer work to do!