Saturday, 19 July 2008

A four hour visit to my patch this morning produced a relatively low species count of 44. Conditions were cool damp and cloudy, which didn't help, only one brief bright interval around 09:30 brought out a few butterflies, but some frequent showers set in shortly after.
so where have all the birds gone ? just singles of most species were seen, and the singing was limited to a BLACKCAP, a SONGTHRUSH, a CHIFFCHAFF and one or two WRENS. STARLING was the 38th species on my list - just one flew over! The only bird to put up any show, was surprisingly, the TURTLE DOVES, four were seen on telephone wires over at the lake/scrub area (one of these could of been a youngster, but they were a bit to distant to confirm) and one was at the scrub along the headland of migrant alley. Two small groups of SWIFTS flew over, as did HERRING and LESSER BLACK BACK GULLS, and a KESTREL was hunting over the tree nursery. A bit of a disappointing morning really.

Now the Buddlea has flowered, some good shots of butterflies can be had. (Once the sun's out!) There were four Comma Butterflies and a Red Admiral on this plant

This Juv, Songthrush had found a large snail, at the college gardens.

Also at the college gardens, on one of the ponds was this Grey heron


fishing guy said...

Warren: Three great photos today and its so hard to pick a favorite. You do a great job in finding the birds and sharing them with us.

Steve said...

All a bit quiet at the moment isnt it...nice pics though

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Warren

Thanks for 'dipping in' up north - not a bad blog yourself. Great photos of the Ruddy Darters. They've just recenly colonised our area but aren't out yet this summer(?). Will try to emulate your skills in a few weeks

Keep up the good work


Warren Baker said...

Thanks fishing guy. I'll keep on looking.

Steve, its so quiet birdwise, i've taken to looking at insects!