Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A pleasant walk into work today, there were more birds about this morning than in recent mornings, Linnets featured strongly, with at least two family parties in the hedgerow at ashes lane, also a WHITETHROAT was back singing a few yards on. A family of GOLDCRESTS fed together in a silver birch tree, on the opposite side of the lane, and a GREY HERON flew over the greenhouses. Crossing migrant alley, at least 3 SKYLARKS were in the maize crop, and more Linnets were taking advantage of a leaking water trough, that had made a large puddle.
On the way home a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER was in the college grounds, it just may of had some young around, as it was very agitated, I lost sight of it when some students walked past.
Just as I stepped out the front door for an afternoon stroll, then rain came down! Nothing else to do but go back in for a spot of garden watching. There was a bit of activity at the feeders, but it had to be around frequent SPARROWHAWK visits, all which ended in failure. I put out a bit of stale cheese, and within minutes had, MAGPIE, JACKDAW, and the rare (for my garden) CARROIN CROW fighting over the pieces. The young BLUE and GREAT TITS are now looking the part, having lost most of thier fledgling look. Finch's were active at the feeders, GREEN, CHAFF, and GOLDFINCH, with the odd HOUSE SPARROW, whilst a Juv. GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER hogged all the nuts. A COAL TIT was coming and going, the first in the garden since the 25th of May. 17 species came to dine, quite a good list, with another 11 in the vacinity.



This redcurrent bush is in next doors garden. The owner was harvesting the berries, every few minutes coming out and pruning of a branch. Every time she went back in, at least 4 different BLACKBIRDS dashed over for a few berries.

GREENFINCH'S at the feeder, with a male House sparrow, the latter species really does have to be desperate to enter my garden nowadays, they know the sparrowhawk is just round the corner.


Mike - Fenphotography said...

Nice one with the Juv Woody Warren I've been trying to catch ours for the last couple of weeks.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Really sharp Jackdaw shot , I find them , like most Corvids , hard to approach . I know what you mean about Sparrowhawks , we're getting a strike most days too . You can almost see that Blackbird looking over it's shoulder . Nice one .

fishing guy said...

Warren: Those are some unusual birds for you to show today. I never heard of a Jackdaw and the Green Finches are wonderful.

Warren Baker said...

Mike - I have a juv. woodpecker constantly at the feeder. Good luck with yours.

I was pleased with the Jackdaw shot, I take so many pics, some of them have to turn out well!

Fishing guy,
Glad you like our birds, I saw the Robin on your blog, very different to ours!