Thursday, 3 July 2008

Not much going on round my patch on the bird front today, as is often the case in early July. Just a LESSER WHITETHROAT singing its rattling song as I walked home from work. As I walked round parts of my patch this afternoon I got led astray by insects and things, as I couldn't find much bird life.

I don't know anything about fungi, but this rude looking one looked interesting. I expect Greenie can enlighten me. :-)

The following bird pics were taken later in the afternoon, from my garden shed window, I did clean the window but it didn't help much.
This is a young DUNNOCK. Waiting for it's turn at the pond.

Another young bird - A great tit, already taking a drink

Yet another youngster, This Blue Tit was probably fledged in early June

The last young bird is a Chaffinch

One of the insects I saw this afternoon was this Cricket, or is it. Another one for Greenie!

Now this is definitely a Blue tailed damselfly

I kept seeing these Hoverflies around. Again I don't know what type it is.

This one must surely be a white leeged Damselfly!

Ooops seemed to have loaded it twice!!

This field lies just outside the waterlogged woods. It used to be grazed by sheep until recently. Its amazing how many of the wildflowers have started to return already.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Funghi was a Stinkhorn, I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Josh is spot on with the ID '
Stinkhorn - Phallus impudicus .
You probably smelt it before you saw it . The dark area at the end is a slime that contains the spores and smells of rotting flesh . This attracts flies , which disperse the spores between fungi .

Warren Baker said...

Thanks guys.
I like the scientific name!!