Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Today I recieved on email in the from the local tree nursery that features on this blog. They were not pleased with the negative publicity that I was giving them. I published their email on this blog earlier this afternoon, but have since deleted it after ringing the boss and coming to some arrangements over the habitat on the fields they rent.
After discussing the issue's of birds nests being destroyed, we have come to the arrangement that, I will check any bramble patches for nests and place a marker beside it. While removal of bramble/scrub will be put back, as far as possible in the year, to allow birds to finish the season.
This all will have to be agreed with the land owners. So lets hope it all works out.


I walked through the tree nursery this afternoon, work had stopped, and all was quiet. I went on to the small pool of water adjacent the the nursery, and found some darters mating, I couldn't decide whether they were common or Ruddy. Common I think!
I walked up the hedgerow, taking me onto Migrant alley, again all was quiet, the sun was hot, and, I was pleased when it went in behind the clouds occasionally. A water trough was overflowing, and birds were making the most of the water, LINNETS, HOUSE SPARROWS, a stream of ROOKS 10 at a time! and a lone YELLOWHAMMER all had their fill. No sign of any migrant species comming through yet, but over head the was a trickle of BLACKHEADED and HERRING GULLS, all going SW.

A Yellowhammer waiting for it's turn at the water trough.

Speckled wood butterfly, this one looks new.

Common Darters, (?) mating on the wing.

Female having a rest!

male having a rest!


Mike - Fenphotography said...

Hi Warren, I'm trying to catch up on people blogs, great shots this week, the wren in the scrub is great and the jay feather is a real treat, keep em comin.

Kingsdowner said...

Brave of you to stand up for what you believe - well done, and a result (with hopefully goodwill on both sides) at the end of it.

Interesting and attractive couple of posts!

fishing guy said...

Warren: It's good that the nursery checks your blog. That was a great story. You had some great photos today.
Check out my Robin post if you get time.

Greenie said...

Warren , A1 job with the nursery .
Confirm all 4 Darters in this post are Common . The pair are 'in tandem' , either he has just caught her or they are/about to oviposite . Mating occurs in the
'ring/wheel' position . The male produces a sperm sack under segment 8 , transfers it to secondary genitalia under segment 2 then encourages the female to take the sack with the end of her abdomen from his secondary genitalia , hence forming the 'ring/wheel', and fertilising her eggs .
On previous post , male Ruddy Darter as stated - black legs , waisted abdomen . Female is a Common - abdomen not waisted , yellow stripes on legs .
On the White butterfly , I'm with you on Green Veined White .

John Young said...

Hi Warren, well done with the nursery, fingers crossed and some great photos. I think the jay feather against the green of the leaves is my favourite.