Monday, 7 July 2008

What an horrendous day! Heavy rain fell from the time I got up until around midday! Then it was just brief heavy downpours all afternoon, Oh, and a gusty wind!
With all that weather going on the only wildlife recording I was able to do was from my window at home. I took pics of most of the birds that came in, but the DUNNOCK was too shy to pose long enough, and the HOUSE SPARROW only came in briefly. At one point in the afternoon the sun almost came out, and during this briefest of intervals,I looked out and over the wet woods, and saw at least 50 SWIFTS flying low, all going SW, and I don't blame them either!
Below are some of the birds that spent the afternoon entertaining me!


This is what the above bird will moult into (providing its a male!)

This is a juv. BLUE TIT, hammering away at a sunflower heart

Here's one of three juv. ROBINS with an adult bird (right)

And here's one of the juv. ROBINS siblings

This COAL TIT was a welcome visitor, scarce in my garden during july

I don't care about the reputation of MAGPIES, I think these are great looking birds.

One of 6 COLLARED DOVES that ventured down to the dropped seed.


Lots of Juv. Chaffinch! with female adult.

Lovely male GREENFINCH


Goldfinch, Greenfinch and a Blue tit

Another great tit


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Brilliant selection of birds and great photos too! Well done! You have so many fledglings!

Steve said...

Some good pictures today Warren. what has happened to summer??

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Josh.
The more feeders, the more fledglings!!

summer never arrived, spring just carried on, which was a continuation of winter!!
Seems all our seasons are loosing their once distinct flavour.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Good to see so many youngsters in your garden . It's true what you say about feeding , had a £50+ delivery today , and that won't last that long .
Good pictures too .

John Young said...

Great selection of birds and photos Warren and in such grotty weather.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Nice selection Warren, something I haven't seen anything of is Juv Robins they make for a great photo.

fishing guy said...

Warren: What great pictures of the birds visiting your back yard. I love the Magpie picture the most.