Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A heavy mist hung in the air on the way into work this morning, which limited me to very few sightings, but the one noteworthy record was a HOBBY, it flew low over the college sports field, and away to the SW, but a few seconds later it came back and alighted right at the top of a large leylandi type tree, I got some superb views, until a JACKDAW saw it off!
As I walked back from work it was obvious that nothing much was going to be happening, it was just too hot! I waited until 5pm and spent a couple of hours around the tree nursery, the small pool next to it, and the paddocks and maize crop at migrant alley. A SPARROWHAWK flew over, as I went through the nursery, all the local SWALLOWS escorted it out of the parish. Apart from that episode it was all quiet. I sat for a while at migrant alley and watched the sky, it was interesting to see 3 types of Gull, all going SW, HERRING and LESSER BLACK BACKED featured mostly, but 5 BLACK HEADED also went over, a bit unusual for my patch in early July. A CORMORANT is also a good July record for my patch, one went north about 18:45. A useful start to the months list, Cormorant and Hobby can be elusive, and the 3 Gull types are handy, last July a total of 69 species was recorded, the best July yet, so it will take some effort and luck to beat it.

A view of the tower, from Migrant Alley,I was hoping the peregrine might show, but not today
Sparrowhawk going over the tree nursery

Black Headed Gull going over Migrant Alley

looks like this Guelder rose is going to bear a good crop of berries this year


fishing guy said...

Warren: Cool flying shots, I have to work hard to capture the bird on wing.

Travis said...

Wonderful captures of the birds. I have never seen the green finches before. Great post.