Friday, 4 July 2008

Again, this mornings walk to work was bog standard, with the usual fare on offer, although it was pleasing to hear the LESSER, and Common WHITETHROAT in Ashes lane. The major event of the morning was the finding of the years first Small Tortoiseshell butterfly, on the thistles beside the maize crop, it's incredible that these once common butterflies are now so scarce. A couple of skylarks sang, also over the maize crop, and COAL TIT, GOLDCREST and CHIFFCHAFF sang in the college grounds.
This afternoon I walked through a very quiet tree nursery, just a well worn Whitethroat was seen. The small pool of water still had the family of MOORHENS on it, but no damaselflies today. A second visit to migrant alley, and just the SWIFT, SWALLOWS and HOUSE MARTINS were seen in any numbers, feeding over the horse paddocks, while 4 LINNETS were at the leaky water trough, again Skylarks sang over the maize.

Once back home I tried to get some more ''Shed Shots'' This NUTHATCH came into the elder tree...........
It then Came in for a drink

It could see me watching him, and was off as soon as his thirst was quenched.

Also this party of 4 BLUE TITS and a GREAT TIT came in for a wash and brush up.

One of the SKYLARKS over Migrant Alley.

The small pool of water adjacent the tree nursery is home to this Moorhen and its family


Greenie said...

Warren , Like the Nuthatch shots .
I've tried for them many times without much success .
Nice one .

Simon said...

Great photos Warren, very pleased to hear you've seen a Small Tortoiseshell on your patch.