Friday, 11 July 2008

Friday at last! On the walks to and from work there seems to be getting less and less birdsong, only a SONGTHRUSH and LESSER WHITETHROAT were heard singing with any enthusiasm, they were in Ashes lane. A single SKYLARK did do its best over the maize crop at migrant alley, and the only other song heard was from a CHIFFCHAFF in the college grounds.
Even less was singing this afternoon, but I would have missed most of it if there had been some song, as the wind was so strong again. I walked over to the lake area - just a few moulting MALLARDS, and a GREY HERON on the water. I heard the weak calls of young fledglings coming from above me, and I looked up and saw a nest, some 15ft up in a pine tree, it looked like a GOLDCREST nest, but I didn't see any parents come in. I walked back through the edge of the wet woods (didn't go right in for fear of being drained of blood by the swarms of mossies!) and into the tree nursery, all was still and quiet, just a BLACKHEADED GULL and a few HERRING GULLS went over, however as I scanned the old shack, some 200m away, I saw the BARN OWL going in, strange I didn't think it would be around at 16.00, maybe it was flushed out earlier, a new bird for this month's list anyway.
Butterflies were fewer today in the absence of any long sunny periods, but Small and Large Whites, Comma, Skippers, and Meadow Browns were all doing there best in the windy conditions.

This is the first Large White I have had a chance to photograph

I snapped this Jay, even though it wouldn't show its face, I wanted to confirm that it was a young bird, and it does seem so.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
The second brood of Large / Small Whites has certainly started with a bang . Have you noticed that the black markings are far stronger compared to the first brood .
Do you think the Jay shouldn't have been there , and didn't want to be recognized ?

Warren Baker said...

Hi Greenie,
I thought the large white I photo'd today was a first brood. Looking at the strong pepering on the hindwing. I thought maybe they were late due to the rubbish weather. Mind you, I don't know a lot about butterflies!
As for the jay...........innocent until proven!!

Steve said...

You are getting a nice set of butterfly photographs there Warren...great to hear about your Barn Owl again...

Warren Baker said...

Hi steve,
I have set up a folder to keep my best shots of each species of butterfly in. Only got eleven to date, but it looks very colourful!