Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I thought monday's weather was horrendous, Today made that look tame! At least Monday afternoon had a few brief dry intervals, today it just rained - All day!!
Needless to say I didn't get out, and after walking home from work, and getting soaked, I had little incentive to go out again. So it was back at the window to watch the feeders, which was much the same as monday afternoon, apart from a visit from a male BULLFINCH, the first this year, and the 32nd species to use the garden this year. A GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, COAL TIT, WOODPIGEON, and MAGPIE are all less frequent visitors, but all showed up today with the usual Tits and FINCH's. The adult ROBINS were feeding at least 2 young birds, and 2 DUNNOCKS were actively picking at the spilt sunflower seed. I also recorded 2 Colour ringed HOUSE SPARROWS, birds that were ringed for a local study, for the British Trust for Ornithology. One of them was ringed back on the 28th March 2004, and was an adult then, so it is at least a 5 year old bird, and is the oldest bird left out of the 400 or so ringed in this the fith year of the study.
I did try to get some pics today, but the light and rain made it a fruitless task! Lets hope for a better day tomorrow!


Mosura said...

The weather may be bad but getting data on two ringed sparrows sounds pretty good not to mention Bulfinches in your garden In my 8 years in Britain I never recorded Bulfinch in my garden.

fishing guy said...

Warren: I enjoy seeing animals even if I can't get a photo.

I was trying to take pictures of a buck in velvet on a foggy morning and I got several pictures of fog.

Warren Baker said...

I only get one or two Bullfinch in the garden per year.

Fishing Guy,
You wouldn't want to see the pics that don't get on my blog, scores of rubbish pics!! (the ones that make it aren't that good either!)

Travis said...

I love seeing the animals on your posts. The butterflies are wonderful. Your blogs are always so interesting.