Monday, 28 July 2008

Hot! Thats what it was today, even at 7:00am when I left for work, the sun was very warm. A few birds were about early on, YELLOWHAMMER singing in Ashes Lane, as were LINNETS. PIED WAGTAILS, were on the paddocks and around the maize crop, but no sign of Saturdays Whinchat. Two LESSER BLACKBACK GULLS flew over, one NW the other S.
I spent 2 hours this afternoon, checking the tree nursery, and Migrant alley for any new arrival of migrants, but it was so hot barely anything was seen at all. The only birds that seemed imune to the hot sun were the numerous Pied Wagtails, again around the paddocks. Butterflies were represented mainly by the Gatekeepers, but there were a few Meadow Browns about.
Later tonight I may go out again, or at least watch the sky over Migrant alley from my bedroom window.

Above: The poor old sheep at migrant alley trying to keep cool at the water trough.

Above: Most of today's butterflies were Gatekeepers

This ''ginger'' caterpillar was crossing the road. Anyone know what it is ?


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Not a clue what your caterpillar is.
But , is it 'PC' to describe it as you did ?

Warren Baker said...

I was going to write- ''I saw this queer looking caterpiller'' but that would have been just as bad!

John Young said...

Hi Warren. Can't help with the caterpillar id at the moment, certainly don't think it is a UK butterfly. I'm lucky to only work part time so manage to get most Fridays off, hence some of my morning posts.

Travis said...

Great post..there is something at my blog for you. You may use it if you like.

Steve said...

Hi Warren - the caterpillar is a Ruby Tiger (moth) phragmatobia fulinginosa - great looking beast.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for the caterpillar ID steve. Another piece of info for me to remember!

fishing guy said...

Warren: Sometimes it amazes me when people know so much information like caterpillar name.
Loved your butterfly photo.