Sunday, 13 July 2008

It was quite cool this morning, but it soon warmed up once the sun came up properly. Again I spent 4 hours walking my patch, but it was a little different today, I recorded 50 species, 2 more than yesterday, Three of these were new for the month - 7 GREY LAG GEESE were on the golf course, a KINGFISHER flew off from a perch by one of the ponds in the college grounds, and also there, at least 2 Juv. GARDEN WARBLERS made themselves noticed, albeit for a fleeting glimpse. Another breeder confirmed on my patch.These 3 species bring the monthly total into the low 60's.
Summer species were few in number, but BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF and COMMON WHITETHROAT all sang, while SWIFTS, SWALLOWS and HOUSE MARTINS were the opposite, with scores of each wheeling in the sky over the fields at migrant alley and the greenhouse complex. I sat for 45mins watching, and scanning for a migrant Sand martin, but I didn't find one. A SPARROWHAWK went over though, and that had all the Swallows and Martins in a frenzy!

Above and below - : A Juv. GREENWOODPECKER

A SONGTHRUSH was having a good preen on a stone wall, at the college, pity it was in a shady spot.

Yet another attempt at getting a decent flying Swallow shot. I think this one is my best to date. I've got till thy leave in October, to get better.

Above and below are a couple of pics of the Juv. Garden Warbler not very good, but it didn't show for long and it was quite far off.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Enjoyed your blog , and I agree with you regarding the Swallow shot .
But I'm struggling with your juv. Green Woodpecker shots . From this distance , it looks like an adult female , because of the lack of any barring , and the conspicuous moustache .

fishing guy said...

Warren: Liked the Garden Warbler in the looking down position the best.

Warren Baker said...

Greenie,I see what you mean about the Green wood. It was definitely a young bird. The photo's pretty rubish, but there was a bit of barring, I watched it fly around before taking the photo, so i saw much more than you can see in the pic.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Hi Warren, I think any shot of a Green Woody is great, I've never seen one and been to many places where they are supposed to be seen. nice post.