Thursday, 10 July 2008

Amongst the usual resident species seen on my walk into work today, a field full of Gulls was seen, the field is only forage pasture, and was recently cut, it's situated behind the hedgerow along ashes lane just before migrant alley. The Gulls were made up of at least 50 HERRING, 2 LESSER BLACK BACKED, and at least 36 BLACK HEADED. The latter I scanned carefully, hoping for a Mediterranean gull, but no luck, just made me late for work!
This afternoon I walked round the maize crop and paddocks at migrant alley, and up to the scrub headland there. I was pleased to see only my second Small tortoiseshell, a scarce butterfly this year, also saw a few Comma's, Small Whites, Large Skippers and lots of meadow browns. A Common Blue damselfly posed amongst the grass there as well.
As for birds this afternoon, it was all down to passing SWIFTS, flyover SWALLOWS and a few HOUSE MARTINS, a GREY HERON had me reaching for my bins as it flew over, but little else was of note.

Comma Butterfly

Only my second Small Tortoiseshell of the year

Small White, not as glamorous as the above, but welcome none-the-less

Common Blue Damselfly


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Four really good shots .
Lets hope the Small Tortoisshell numbers get back up again .
I've only seen one this year .

Steve said...

Great to see the small tortoiseshell - not seen one for nearly 2 years now....

Warren Baker said...

Hi Guys,
It will be a sad day, if we lose the S. T. Is anything safe from the march of the human kind?

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Nice shots Warren.

Simon said...

Super Comma photo Warren, and it's great to hear about the Small Tortoiseshell.

fishing guy said...

warren: Very nicely done on the small creatures.