Saturday, 27 December 2008

As the sun rose this morning, it looked like it was going to be another clear and sunny day, but the cloud soon drifted over, and a biting easterly wing blew.
I could only walk half of my patch today, as I had to be back for 10:00am - a trip down to bexhill to visit the mother-in-law for the afternoon had been arranged. Now, what do you think i'd rather be doing!!
Anyway, the half of my patch that I decided to walk round was the Farmland, and college grounds. A good variety of species were seen, 42 in all, with nothing out of the ordinary, but the first CANADA GOOSE of the month flew over migrant alley, typically, after taking so long to record one, another 11 flew over some minutes later! Other noteworthy mentions go to the 62 LAPWING in the maize stubbles, a KESTREL hunting alongside the greenhouse complex, and the BARN OWL tucked up in it's roost. Along with the Lapwing were over 100 BLACK HEADED GULLS and 2 COMMON GULLS, a few mixed Thrushes also fed out on the adjacent sheep pasture, where a couple of MEADOW PIPIT were heard, but it wasn't a very fruitful visit today. I wonder if my Coot was on the lake ?

Above: Canada Goose, the 68 species for this month. (the same total as I achieved in May!)


Anonymous said...

I said you`d have a record December, Warren. Well done.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Dean.
That's not including any dodgy feral pigeons!!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I can just picture you on your visit , sitting at the window with binoculars in hand .
But it is Christmas , and that's
'the outlaws' done for another year .
Any Tawny Owls in Bexhill ?

fishing guy said...

Warren: That is one bird I can see whenever because they winter over. I'm glad you were able to see it and add to your list.