Friday, 19 December 2008

It's all a bit of a rush today. This evening it's the works xmas dinner, so I had to be back early from my afternoon ramblings, so as to have my weekly shave, also to have a quick bath, which are a little more frequent than weekly. What made it even more of a rush, was that I was waiting for a parcel to arrive. It arrived at 14:10, and I was out by 14:15, after unwrapping my my new toy - a telescope, well my other one must be 10 years old now.
I wandered over to the lake area again, hoping that the Goldeneye had remained, but alas it had not, probably not helped by my old mate the gardener, who had decided upon having a huge great bonfire, to burn all the weeks chainsaw production. At least the COOT was there, and the KINGFISHER. A CORMORANT circled over, thought about coming down onto the lake, but then decided against it. A GREY HERON did come in though, and fished contentedly. These sightings normally would mean quite a productive visit, but I felt a bit disappointed after the recent sightings.
On the way back through the wet woods, SISKIN were again seen in the tops of some of the Alders, and there were two drake TEAL on the pools there, a quite scarce species on my patch. Apart from that, it was all a bit quiet, could have had something to do with the unruly dogs and there obviously deaf owners, who have to shout greetings at one another, I could hear them 60yards away! (moan moan, sorry greenie, i'll take a pill!)
Well i'm off now to get ready for the first round of turkey dinner and red wine, not too much of the latter though, as I'm up, and out early tomorrow. (beat the dog walkers)

Some more poor pics today. At least it gives some impression of the birds!

Above is a Male BULLFINCH. Not an easy bird to get close to at the best of times. (Ken, this would be in my list of top 5 favourite birds, but I would find it difficult to name just 5, I like so many species!)

Above. It's that Coot again ! I hope it stays around for the new year, Coots are a difficult one to get on the year list!!


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

nice pics today...What was your new scope?

Warren Baker said...

Hi josh. I bought an Opticron. GS 615 GA ED, with a 20X60 zoom. It's so much lighter than those big 80mm front lense scopes. I'm very lazy when it comes to carrying gear around!

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Good choice Warren, i've got the Opticron GS 815 ED with the 20-60c zoom EP and its great.

Ken said...

Hi Warren. I was going to ask you the same question as Josh, but he beat me to it.
I know what you mean about picking 5 top birds, it is difficult, I mean how can you really compare a lovely passerine to a nice wildfowl. or bird of prey?

Adam said...

Hi Warren

Yep I got an Opticron scope (HR66) second-hand last year - birthday and Christmas present in all in one go!

Great pic of Bullfinch - they seem to show very well but not longer enough to grab a shot so well done.


Steve said...

I have a Nikon ED50....a great scope and TINY and light...some great sightings in last few days Warren

Simon said...

Great Bullfinch shot Warren. Definately a top 5 bird I think!

I have an Opticron GS 815. I have had it for about 5 years, it is quite a bulky scope so it feels fairly heavy on the shoulder after 4+ hours.

Ken said...

Hi Warren. As we are talking about scopes,I might as well add my bit. I use the new Swarovski STS80HD with 20-60 eyepiece, but before I bought top end I actually had a Opticron 80, now that was a heavy scope.

Anonymous said...

The colours in this bullfinch are truly wild.