Friday, 12 December 2008

Not much birding went on this afternoon. I was having the window repaired (the one I broke in the summer, when I locked myself out!) the repair guy didn't leave until 3 o'clock. Whilst he was working I watched the garden on and off, nothing unusual coming in, but lots of activity from the tits and finch's, I made a rough count of all the birds that I could see at that moment, and estimated 40-50 birds using the feeders, quite something to watch, as my garden is only 40ft long by around 20ft wide.
So it was around 3 o'clock that I went out, and it was already getting dark. A quick scan over the maize stubbles produced just 2 MISTLE THRUSH, 6 REDWING, 4 FIELDFARE and a flyover KESTREL. The raspberry canes and the hedgeline alongside, had a group of 5 BULLFINCH'S flitting between them, 3 males and 2 females, very nice to see.
As it was now getting very gloomy, I thought i'd go over to the Barn Owl roost, at the tree nursery, and maybe see it leave for the evening, but I didn't see it, which reminds me, my look for Tawny owl last night was another failure, I know there must be at least a pair on my patch!!!!!
I was just thinking of heading for home, when I heard the sound of LINNETS overhead, I could just make them out against the skyline, at first a flock of around 35 birds repeatedly flew over and around the dense Laurel shrubs, and on each pass a few birds dropped in to roost. Then another smaller flock of 20 or so did the same, I stayed and waited, and sure enough another two groups of 10-15, each came in to roost at a different part of the tree nursery, there after, just a single and two pairs came in. It was just ten to four and they were all tucked up for the night.
This weekends patch birding might prove a bit skinny, tomorrow morning the weather looks to be wet, but i'll give it a go anyway. On sunday I'm going for a rare trip away from my patch, to the ''isle of sheppy'' with the Kent Ornithological society. I can familiarise myself with the birds there, in the hope that they might just visit my patch one day. Dream on!!!


Ken said...

Hi Warren
You should have a good day on Sunday on ther Island. I know there are plenty of raptors there. Also when you are going down Harty Ferry Rd towards The Raptor watchpoint,keep your eyes peeled on the watery ditch on the right for Green Sands.Its quite a longish ditch, it starts before you get to it and carries on past the Watchpoint. If you are lucky you might pick up 2. They have been there all year, on and off,also Beardies in the reeds at the Watchpoint, and if you go to the beach at Leysdowne scan the Turnstones for a Purple Sand.
** Good Birding **

fishing guy said...

Warren: Nicely written of the day and I enjoyed that you gave the size of your yard in feet. Did you do that for your Kent, Ohio friend? I hope Sunday is a nice day and you get some great photos of those wishful birds.