Sunday, 14 December 2008

I was meant to go for a trip to the isle of sheppy today, but was let down at the last minute when our driver rang up sick! So it was back round the patch, I don't mind, I just like being out.
At least it was dry today, but in one way the conditions for birding were worse than yesterday - FOG! dense cold and damp, visibility was down to 20yrds. In such conditions little can be expected, and the poor day list of just 41 species proved the case. There were no new species added to the month, and I'm still missing a few ''easy'' birds, Grey Lag, and Canada geese, also stock dove.
What birds I did see were mostly in the wet woods, plenty of GOLDCRESTS, a LONG TAILED TIT FLOCK with a TREECREEPER in tow, and 4 MALLARDS on the now well filled pools, there were also plenty of MOORHENS chasing around.
Not the best of weekends, lets hope it gets better for the second half of the month!
Later this morning I went over to the reservoir at bough beech with a couple of birding friends. We managed to pick out the Great Northern Diver, a new species for me, and also found the Bearded Tit, well it found us, it flew over our heads and into a reed bed.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Hi Warren, I was also at bough beech, but only this afternoon, glad you managed to see the GND and beardy tit!

Ken said...

Hi Warren
Sorry about your trip to the Island, but as it happened it wasn't such a bad day after all. Well done with the species you did see.