Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I didn't post yesterday, as I was suffering from a bout of ''Man Flu'' and just collapsed into bed when I got in from work -what a waste! I didn't feel much better today, so I spent the afternoon watching the garden feeders, not the most productive way to increase the monthly species list, but I was hoping for a Brambling. I had the window open for a few minutes to take some pics, but it got too cold, and made me feel worse, so all I can offer are snaps of the most common garden birds, the first two are of ''My'' ROBIN, the brown one in the middle is a DUNNOCK, one of 4 that came into the garden, and the last two are of a BLUE TIT, one of at least a dozen that were feeding at any one time.
Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to normal. ie - a grumpy old git, moaning that I still havn't recorded a Tawny Owl on my patch this year!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
You don't have to tell us that you are a 'grumpy old git ' , we already know that .
That is why we read your blog .
Steve's Tawny Owl could well have been the cause of the present ailment .
Just thinking aloud !

Steve said...

Hope you feel better Warren! Just to give you a relapse I had ANOTHER Tawny Owl fly across the road in front of me as I drove home tonight!!

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Just catching up on all your posts Warren, see you have been busy, excelent photos of late stunning eye detail in all of them.

Ken said...

Hi Warren.
If you are a grumpy old git, then does that make us sad old git's for reading your blog???
Only kidding mate. Hope you feel better soon.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Really neat photos of the visitors to your garden. I must say that you have had a tough time tis year and it isn't even Winter yet. I wish you a quick healing and back soon to your walks through your patch.