Wednesday, 17 December 2008

At last, some sunshine! So after work, and a bite to eat, I set of for the lake area via the wet woods. Most of the activity in the wet woods was centered at the western end, where the sunshine penetrated the woods. A flock of at least a dozen LONGTAILED TITS were joined by a minimum of 6 GOLDCREST, again, careful scanning for a Firecrest was in order, but none was present, a lone TREECREEPER also tagged along with them.
I passed the large garden on the way to the lake, and talked to the gardener (the one who chops and burns tree's for a hobby) He told me it was the owners of the garden who told him to do the work, I told him what I thought of his employers,and got on with my birding.
At the lake I scanned across and found 6 MALLARD, but then......hey whats that....a COOT! a real treat for my patch, not seen one here since 21st Feb. a bonus addition for the december list! However much more excitement was to come, I picked out a smaller duck, grey back, brown head, bit of white on the wing, bloody hell, a female GOLDENEYE (121:102) !! A patch tick ! This really was a most unexpected addition to my Pittswood list - brilliant! I would have been pleased with the KINGFISHER that flew onto a branch, and gave good, but distant views, as it was a first recorded this month, but it had to take a back seat today. I was well happy with the afternoons sightings, but unbelievably another treat was in store in the form of a female GOOSANDER! It must have been under the overhanging tree's when i first arrived, and I failed to notice it.Another species for the month, and the first seen since 4 flew over the lake on 20 Jan earlier. this year.
Regular followers of my blog will know that the lake on my patch rarely holds anything more exciting than a Mallard, moorhen, or the occasional goose, so today was exceptional, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming it all. Today must be my best winters patch watch ever!

The pics. of todays birds are absolutely dire, but I just had to get some form of record!
Above is the Coot, a rareity in itself.
Above the Female Goosander, the fouth year out of the seven years recording, that this species has been seen.

Above and below:. The female Goldeneye - Wow!!


fishing guy said...

Warren: Congrats on your neat finds for the day. You deserve a break after all the bad weather you have had.

Adam said...

What a fantastic day - makes it all wothwhile eh! And the sun was shining.


PS. Would love to help with the Barn Owl box Sunday but stuck with looking after 2 kids while my wife is at work.

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Congrats Warren, well deserved after all the time you put into watching your patch!

Anonymous said...

3 ticks in one day. Good going, Warren.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I never realised a Coot could make someone so happy .
The Goldeneye and the Goosander , I can understand .
Well done , see you Sunday .

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I never realised a Coot could make someone so happy .
The Goldeneye and the Goosander , I can understand .
Well done , see you Sunday .

Warren Baker said...

Thanks all for the comments. always appreciated.
anyone wanting to help with the barn owl box, read tomorrows post for directions of where to meet.

Simon said...

Blimey Warren! A Goosander, Goldeneye, and a Coot. Well done mate.

Ken said...

Hi Warren
To find a Goldeneye on your patch is great, but to spot one of our rarer wintering sawbills, the Goosander is brilliant, well done mate.