Monday, 22 December 2008

Hurrah!! My last day at work today, and it's birding all the way into the new year from now - bliss.
What started to be a normal run of the mill afternoon, turned into a real bonus day. After walking over to the lake area and scanning the wet woods, nothing out of the ordinary was sighted, unless you count the COOT, which was still present, and maybe the TEAL, that were on the pools in the woods. I was contenting myself with these species as I walked through the tree nursery, and as I watched another goldcrest, I saw another beside it, I scanned it in case it was a Firecrest, and WOW ! yes it was one ! A FIRECREST (103), another new species for the year, not a patch tick though. One turned up in my garden in Oct. 2006, and another longer staying bird was recorded in Dec 2004, through to Feb. 2005. I know I keep saying this, but 2008 has been quite some year at pittswood, I think i'm going to have my work cut out next year, if i'm going to come anywhere near the excitement of this, but all I can do is go for it!

Now I have put some rubbish photo's on this blog before, but I think these are probably the worst ever! If you look carefully at the top photo, I think you can just make a Firecrest out. The middle photo shows the birds black eye stripe, and white eyebrow, - once you get your eye in!

Below is a photo of a GOLDCREST for comparison, I took this earlier in the afternoon when it was a bit lighter, pity I couldn't get the firecrest this clearly.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great stuff Warren! Still never seen one of those jems! Well Done.
Do you keep a British Life List, if so what is it on?

darrell j prest said...

now i am jealous,a good day for both of us.
quality of the photo does not matter when its a good patch bird.

have a good christmas and all the best for the coming year

Anonymous said...

An early christmas prezzy there, Warren. Well done.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Like Josh , I'm still waiting for my first sighting .
Well done .

Steve said...

Fantastic Warren - couldnt you have ordered that in yesterday!

Adam said...

Wow Waren, a species that's eluded me near on 2 years now, despite scanning all those 'crests' on the research station site. Well done - cracking little bird! Seem to be a lot about locally at the moemnt; Ken's at Halling, 2 on Steve's patch (Terry Laws) and a few round Lower Halstow/Sittingbourne. I'm just going to have to look hard (or swop a Hwafinch?!)!

Have a lovely Christmas


Simon said...

Great to hear you've had a Firecrest Warren. Great Goldcrest shot.

Stewart said...

Warren, I'd be pleased with one without a photo, so anything is good! I've had two on the Boulmer patch on the same day! I could do with another...

Ken said...

Nothing else to add Warren except well done.
I haven't been able to do any birding lately, so it is good to read yours and the others blogs.

Marcus Lawson said...

Jealous of your Firecrest Warren, still waiting for one on my patch - always a treat to see one.

It seems that quite a few local patch watchers in Kent have improved their yearly bests. With Goosander at the weekend I'm up to 131, previous best 120.

Have a great Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Your goldcrest looks a lot like our golden crowned kinglets.