Monday, 15 December 2008

I left home this morning in pitch black conditions, the sun had another hour to wait before rising, and the air was cold and still, ideal conditions to listen out for the Tawny Owl. Alas I did not hear any, however the much more reliable LITTLE OWLS were very vocal, I heard at least 3, all calling and answering each other, a nice one to add to the December list.
The walk home wasn't without interest. On the college sports pitch there were 4 REDWINGS feeding amongst the ROOK flock, and as I walked up Ashes Lane, a KESTREL was perched up on a Telephone pole, whilst just a few yards on, a pair of LESSER REDPOLLS were feeding in a silver birch tree.
It was 14:30 before I got out this afternoon, and it was almost like dusk! heavey grey clouds blanketed the sky. I was only out for an hour, and realised I was on a loser trying to any birding, and it was a complete waste of time taking my camera. I did have a scan over the stubbles at migrant alley though. A mixed flock of thrushes were out there feeding, consisting of around 10 FIELDFARE, 6 Redwing, 15 BLACKBIRDS, 5 MISTLE THRUSH, and a pleasing 6 SONG THRUSH'S. In the hedgerow were at least 3 BULLFINCH, and a small party of SISKIN fed in an Alder tree. In amongst the discarded Raspberry plants around the greenhouses, were quite a few DUNNOCKS and the odd WREN.
I'll be back out ''Owling'' before first light again tomorrow!


Dean said...

Another 16 days to get a Tawny. I`m sure you`ll do it Warren. The best of luck anyway.

Ken said...

6 Song Thrushes, and 3 Bullfinches is always a good day sighting. S/Thrushes are pretty scarch these days in a lot of places. If you don't see the T/Owl,(god forbid) it won't be for want of trying.