Thursday, 25 December 2008


This morning I started my walk through the tree nursery, and got there just as the LINNETS were leaving their roost, I counted at least 90, but there were probably more than 100 in all. As it got lighter the sun threatened to break through, but it never quite made it, tomorrow looks a better bet for sunshine.
Just a quick run through of what was seen today, as I'm off out to the parents for xmas dinner and time is short.
8 LAPWING flew over Migrant Alley, and a flock of at least 30 SISKIN, and 20 GOLDFINCH with a single LESSER REDPOLL, was feeding in alders along the college stream. Also there, were 30 ish REDWING. On my way to the lake area 9 CORMORANTS flew over in a 'V' formation, the most i've seen go over, in some years. The lake itself was empty except for a GREY HERON and my old mate the COOT. Both KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK were out hunting, but the Barn Owl wasn't home. I noticed this morning that there were a lack of GOLDCRESTS just one was seen, where have they all gone ?
47 species were seen in all, a good start to the xmas bird challenge that has organised.
Above: The Grey Heron at the lake.


Tony Morris said...

Happy Christmas Warren, dedication today, well done. By the way, love the Barn Owl a couple of days ago.

Steve said...

Well done for getting out this morning Warren. A good start to the festive season. Merry Christmas.

Adam said...

Happy Christmas Warren - glad you got out, did better than me!


Steve said...

Happy Christmas Warren.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Neat photo of the heron, I love those birds.