Monday, 1 December 2008

I was off work today having somehow trapped a nerve in my back! As I was incapacitated, I didn't get out onto my patch either, very frustrating, being the first of the month I was eager to get out.
So I spent most of the day proped up against my window, watching the coming and goings in the garden, which actually paid off in it's own way, with 32 species being seen, 20 of those came into the garden, which is a good total here. The highlight was without doubt the male BLACKCAP that was feeding on the apples that I had impaled onto the Elder tree, but it was also good to see both MARSH TITS, 2 COAL TITS, 2 NUTHATCH, a WREN, a JAY, a couple off GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS, 3 JACKDAWS and a pair of MAGPIES, all along with the ''Usual'' 11 species of, BLUE and GREAT TIT, GREEN, GOLD and CHAFFINCH, HOUSE SPARROW, DUNNOCK, BLACKBIRD, ROBIN, STARLING and COLLARED DOVE. By far the most numerous bird was the Blue tit, with 14 seen in any one time, but there was probably 50 or more of them actually came in at some point.
Hopefully my back will ease, and I will be able to get out tomorrow. The target for the month is to beat 62 species, the highest December total, which was set last year. Just 30 more needed and I haven't been out the door yet!

Above: A recent addition to my mammal list - Brown Rat!

Above and below: The male Blackcap - looks like he is regretting the idea to spend the winter here, and wishes he'd gone to the Med. with most of his other chums.

Below a Starling, checking out the fat pellets.
Below: A Dunnock

Below: The Nuthatch

Below: One of the Coal Tits

And lastly one of the Marsh tits


Kingsdowner said...

Sorry to hear about your back Warren, but 32 species in or over the garden is some compensation (that's one more than I achieved in my October month count).

Cracking Blackcap!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Kingsdowner. I think if I had braved the cold, and kept the window open I could have heard 2 - 3 more species, but I wimped out!!

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
A nice day again... With many species I have never seen, the dunnock and the blackcap... I love the nuthatch for the attitude... A nice birding day, hein!!! And yes, 32 species!!! not bad at all... get better man!!!

Fraser Simpson said...

Hope your back is on the mend soon Warren. Still, a good haul in the garden!

Anonymous said...

Warren. I`ve been doing the same trick with the apples for many a year and never once have i had a Blackcap. One day, hopefully.

Rest that back, mate and get well soon.

Tricia said...

Hi Warren - sorry to hear about your back but it's seems that the silver lining was your garden visitors.

I had my first winter blackcap (male) today too; but mine was on the sunflower hearts - great stuff!

Adam said...

Hi Warren

Sometimes enforced rest pays off and 32 species in the garden isn't to be sniffed out. Hoping lugging around that Owl box wasn't the root of your problems! Get well soon,


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Far be it for me to mention retribution for building the Owl box in the kitchen .
Hope you're out and about soon .

John Young said...

Hi Warren, hope you are out and about soon. Some very nice bird shots.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Med sounds good to me too, it was -5 up here this morning.
Take it easy.

Ken said...

Hi Warren.
Sorry to hear about your back pain. I know what it's like, i've had over 15 years of it. Glad you have got Blackcap in your garden. Mine arrived about 3 days ago,there stil here today,the best count being 3 yesteday,2M, and 1F.Hope you get well soon.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Ouch, a pinched nerve, that is painfull. I enjoyed your photos today. You seem to have some short and squat birds. They must be enjoying your feed. It's great that so many came to your yard.

Simon said...

Brilliant photos, I especially like the Backcap. Hope your back feels better soon.