Sunday, 7 December 2008

The threatened fog thankfully didn't appear this morning, instead it was sunny, clear and frosty, ideal for birding. Of the 48 species seen 3 were new for the month, A KESTREL that perched on the hedgerow between the greenhouses and the maize stubbles, where 2 COMMON GULLS and a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL were amongst a large flock of at least 200 BLACK HEADED GULLS. Also out in the stubbles were a couple each of MEADOW PIPIT and SKYLARK, with 10 LAPWINGS, all of which flew up and off when a dogwalker in a bright red coat walked past!
There was no Teal in the wet woods today, but a flock of at least a dozen LONG TAILED TITS were there, as were the MARSH TITS. The lake had a thin layer of ice on it, and not a single bird was on it, or around the edge of it, the gas cannon in nearby fields didn't help, nor did the barrage of shotguns that could be heard to the north.
The only noteworthy flyovers today were a CORMORANT, a SPARROWHAWK and a few SISKIN, the latter weren't to be found in any of the alders this morning. The BARN OWL was at roost, always nice to see, as was the pair of BULLFINCH'S that fed amongst the Raspberry canes at the greenhouses, a number of mixed thrushes also fed here, but not one Redwing was seen all morning.

Below is a view of the sun as it came up this morning.

Above and below: A goldcrest feeding in an evergreen.

Below. One of the ponds at the college grounds.


Dean said...

There`s every chance you might equal or even better last Decembers total. Keep at it Warren.

Brill pics by the way.

Ken said...

Nice pictures Warren.It's always nice to get out on a lovely crisp winters day.

fishing guy said...

warren: Super photos of the Goldcrest and what a wonderful sunrise. Thanks for sharing.
I did a bird post today.