Monday, 8 December 2008

I had a walk round the fields at migrant alley this afteroon, I was going to visit the wet woods and the lake, but the sound of chainsaws, and the sight of drifting smoke, over in that direction, put me off !
It was quite cool, and overcast when I arrived at the maize stubble, where around 40 - 50 BLACK HEADED GULLS were feeding, a scattering of ROOKS and JACKDAWS were also with them. I didn't see any Skylark, Meadow Pipit, or Linnet today, and just 2 YELLOWHAMMERS sat on the fenceline, whilst only 3 PIED WAGTAILS were noted. I walked round the edge of the fields, and bareley saw a thing - the odd PHEASANT and a ROBINS, and DUNNOCKS trying their best to brighten things up a little with a bit of singing, which a MISTLE THRUSH did a more energetic job of. As I walked passed the greenhouse complex, and so back home, I was just thinking what a dull afternoon it had been, when the familiar, harsh ''chet'' ''chet'' ''chet'' calls of a REDPOLL were heard, I watched it fly over the tree nursery and out of sight, at least I got one more new sighting for the month!


Ken said...

Always nice to see a Redpoll Warren.I am asuming it was a Lesser.Do you ever get any Mealy on your patch?

Simon said...

Great to hear you had a Redpoll today. Well done!