Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Once I'd dragged myself out of bed, and oiled my bones with a cup of tea, I was hoping my back would have got better, but it was still painfull, not as bad as yesterday though. I thought a walk down to migrant alley might do it good, and it took me longer to get my boots on than it did to walk the 100 yards to the fields! Once there I watched over the stubbles for an hour, the most obvious birds were the BLACK HEADED GULLS, around 200 fed in the Stubbles. I added nine more species to the December list, SKYLARK, BULLFINCH, MEADOW PIPIT, YELLOWHAMMER,PHEASANT, GOLDCREST, MALLARD, SONGTHRUSH, and Redwing. I also got a new species for December in the Garden, a WOODPIGEON, number 21.
Above: A GOLDFINCH feeding in Alders, there was a flock of 20 altogether.
Above: A Female Pheasant. If you look carefully you can see a DUNNOCK flying over her head!

Above: 4 Mallards came in to the wet ditch, which runs below the fenceline here

Above: 200 Black Headed Gulls. All feeding at Migrant Alley

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fishing guy said...

Warren: What a neat look at the wonderful pheasant. I'm glad you are feeling better. That back certainly can make you want to coup up and stay inside. Good for you for getting out.