Sunday, 30 November 2008

Conditions were much the same as yesterday, even a little worse! However an excellent species total of 49 was recorded, but actual numbers of birds wasn't great, with a good deal of the sightings being in singles or two's. Highlights for the day included, KINGFISHER seen in the college grounds, where a few REDWING were feeding on the lawns. The BARN OWL was seen at its roost, and a MARSH TIT was again heard in the wet woods, on the lake 2 CORMORANTS fished, along with a GREY HERON. In Migrant Alley a GREY WAGTAIL fed amongst the Manure heap, but the bird of the day was another new species for the month, in the form of a COMMON SNIPE, it was in the stubbles next to a new manure pile. GREYLAG and CANADA GEESE flew over, as did many SISKIN and a continuous stream of HERRING GULLS, all heading NW in small groups. As I neared home a few flocks of Redwing and FIELDFARE flew N.
So the final results for November were very encouraging. As I said yesterday the record November total of 57 species was blown away, and how, with this months total of 66! 4 species were new to any November, Stonechat, Barn Owl, Great Black Backed Gull, and Pochard. The combined total for all Novembers is now 75, with the mean total of species seen in November at 56.5.

Above: A flock of Canada Geese go over Migrant Alley, and below an Immature Herring Gull.

Below: The start of the Barn Owl box, I should have it finished this week. (yes I did build it in the kitchen, and yes I got moaned at! )


Steve said...

That looks like a fantastic home for a Barn Owl Warren. I bet it will especially enjoy the spin cycle.

Simon said...

Well done with the Snipe Warren.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Nicely done with the nesting box, looks like a fine job.