Friday, 7 November 2008

After heavy rain this morning, the afternoon turned out much brighter, with some watery, late autumn sunshine. This didn't seem to make it any better for my birding exploits. I spent 2hours around the wet woods, and lake area, but little was of note. A CORMORANT and a GREY HERON were fishing on the lake, 6 MALLARD and a couple of MOORHEN were also there. Whilst I hoped for something to drop in onto the lake, which it didn't, I heard a KINGFISHER, but couldn't see it, and a BULLFINCH called nearby.
In the wet woods, it was gaveyard quiet, which is unusual, normally there is a yapping dog, or piece of garden machinery, or a chainsaw to be heard, but today it was quiet.......bliss. I tried to find the feeding flock of Tits, but it seems to have moved off, although I did hear the MARSH TIT calling. I came out of the woods, and into the tree nursery, workers are going full out to remove the young trees, and the fields look like something resembling a WW 1 battle field! I watched the sky for a while, the only birds seen were a small group of REDWING and FIELDFARE, which dropped down around the greenhouses. I didn't bother with the maize stubbles, when I crossed them on the way home from work, one of the College workers had decided to burn some rubbish, right in the middle of the field. For a College that runs courses on wildlife around farmland, they do get up to some stupid things! I'll be out early tomorrow morning, I hope it livens up a bit!

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