Tuesday, 25 November 2008

No sign of the BARN OWL this morning, but later this afternoon I did see it at its roost. That was about the only noteworthy sighting made. I didn't visit the lake and wet woods, as the dimented gardener was using a chainsaw - again! A walk round the fields at Migrant Alley was made in a cold wind, but it's with the northerly wind that different birds arrive on the fields, 16 LAPWING were feeding in the stubbles, but a careful scan didn't reveal any Golden Plover. At least 40 BLACK HEADED GULLS were busy, some feeding, some chasing Lapwings and some just hawking overhead. A small group of 7 FIELDFARE flew over, and 3 GREEN WODPECKERS made themselves known, but apart from that it was a quiet afternoon.

Above and below: A first winter Black Headed Gull


fishing guy said...

Warren: Very nice catures of the gull on wing.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Looks like a very nice walk again...Got nice pictures of the gull. Here it is really quite at the moment and we can only see starlings!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!