Monday, 10 November 2008

Rain, wind, more rain, more wind, thats all it was today, oh, and every now and again torrential rain!
I walked home from work in a gale, with the rain being driven into my face, stinging like little hot coals. The only birds I noted were approx. 80 BLACK HEADED GULLS on the college sports pitch, but I didn't hang around to count them properly, and only gave them a cursory look for a Med. Gull, which wasn't there......probably. I decided to do a garden watch once home, but my window was taking the full blast of the wind and rain, and the light was very poor. I couldn't make much out, but lots of BLUE and GREAT TITS were whirring to and fro, also a MARSH TIT and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, but I gave up after an hour. This must be one of the worse day's, weatherwise, ive encountered for years, I usually get some kind of birding in, but not today!


Anonymous said...

Warren, it`s been miserable for well over a week up here in Yorkshire. I think i can count on one hand how many minutes the sun`s been out.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Sorry to hear of all the weather problems, it sounds like you got blasted.