Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A much better day today, a bit windy, but sunny and mild. This afternoon I took a walk through the wet woods, mainly to see if there were any Teal about, plenty of MOORHEN, and a couple of MALLARD, but alas, no Teal yet. I could hear TREECREEPER, GOLDCREST and LONG TAILED TIT as I walked on to the lake. Just 4 mallards were on the lake, everything had been disturbed before I got there, probably by the gardener of one of the large houses, with his leaf collecting machine. I walked back through part of the wood to get to the tree nursery, here on the quieter part, I found the Long Tailed Tit flock, around 16 in all, with Treecreeper and Goldcrest. A quick look round Migrant alley, and all the usual species were in the stubbles, at least 9 SKYLARK, 16 LINNET, 5 MEADOW PIPIT and 60+ PIED WAGTAILS. A KESTREL and a SPARROWHAWK came over, as did a small flock of FIELDFARE. It was good to be out again, even if was only for 90mins, when do the evenings get lighter again..............

Above: A Kestrel over Migrant Alley
Above and below, photo's of the wet wood. The pools are getting a bit bigger now, with all that rain we had.

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fishing guy said...

Warren: What a neat shot of the Kestrel in the downward flap. You did such a neat job on this shot. The wet area looks pretty tangled. It must be hard to see birds in there.