Friday, 28 November 2008

Virtually no birding was done today, it was raining when I went to work at 06:55, it was raining when I left work at 13:00 and its still raining as I write this at 16:00!! The only birds I noted as crossed the fields, were the 300 or so mixed corvid flock, gathering at the start of the day on their favoured pylon, and a flock of around 50 BLACK HEADED GULLS in some sheep pasture, seen as I got a soaking on the way home.
An hour spent watching the garden feeders didn't bring any surprises, again 17 species came to feed, but still no Dunnock, has the SPARROWHAWK had it ? There is a new species for the garden though, in the form of a brown rat, how cool is that ! As long as they don't become too many, I can live with them, no different from the squirrels. Hopefully this rain will stop overnight, and a decent walk round my patch can be made in the morning, we'll see!


fishing guy said...
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fishing guy said...

Warren: We finally had two days of sun with no snow. It is a welcome change. I saw a Pileated Woodpecker yesterday and it flew quickly over my head. Couldn't get a good photo.
Learn to look before posting. LOL