Friday, 14 November 2008

The sun was out today, and it felt warm as I walked home from work, however, it only remained sunny until I left for my walk, as soon as I left the front door it clouded over and became gloomy, I must have been bad in a previous life!
I visited the Maize stubbles at migrant alley first of all, there were only small numbers of LINNET, MEADOW PIPIT, and PIED WAGTAIL, but nothing out of the ordinary was seen. I walked the hedgerow up to the tree nursery, and looked over into the shack, but there was no Barn Owl home. My next destination was the wet woods and lake area, via the tree nursery, despite the absence of bonfires, there was not much happening, not that I expect to see much change at this time of year, especially during the afternoon. A dozen or so MALLARD were at the lake, with a GREY HERON. As I waited for something to 'drop in' I heard BULLFINCH, GOLDCREST, and TREECREEPER call, and a small flock of BLUE TITS fed above where I stood. It was getting gloomy by 15:30, so I made my my back home, going through the tree nursery again, I stopped whilst there and watched the sky, I counted a tight flock of 35 Linnets, wheeling round, waiting to come into roost, they were waiting for the work party to finish lifting the trees. I watched them wheel around for another ten minutes, then at last, they fell like stones into some dense bushy saplings. I scanned the horizon and noticed a KESTREL atop a fir tree, and whilst picking my way through the deep liquid mud that was the footpath, a SPARROWHAWK flew past no more than a foot of the ground, just a yard in front of me, I think these hawks just like to tease me! No pics today, it was just too gloomy.

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