Monday, 3 November 2008

I left work this afternoon, and it was almost dark, at 1pm!! After I had eaten lunch it was even worse, with drizzley rain. I left for the lake area, (didn't even bother with my camera!) to see if by any chance the Pochard were still there, but no, they had left, just half a dozen MALLARD a few MOORHEN and 2 CORMORANT were present. As I scanned through the gloom, under the overhanging trees I found a GREY HERON, and heard what sounded like two KINGFISHERS having a dispute, I sat and waited, and sure enough two Kingfishers came chasing out of the bank scrub, so the afternoon at least provided a new species for the month. I was only out for 90 mins, the light was that bad. I walked back home through the wet woods, and all that was heard were the call of Moorhens, and the dripping of water onto the sodden leaf litter.
I did look at the garden feeders for half an hour, which were very busy, a pair of SONG THRUSH came in, one of which spent some time in the pond bathing, not a common bird in my garden, so it was a real treat to see a pair of them.


fishing guy said...

Warren: Did you say 'Rain, rain, go away', it sounds like you needed to.

Ken said...

Thanks for that Warren.
It wasn't a good day all round, was it? Still a pair of Song Thrushes in your garden is always a great treat. Not a common bird to see these days.