Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I didn't visit my patch this afternoon, as I had a dental appointment, but before I paid £60 for a the pleasure of a mouthfull of tubes and a lot of pain, I spent an hour watching the garden feeders. In between the SPARROWHAWK attacks, the garden was quite busy, 17 species were noted, but the usual Dunnock didn't turn up. 4 species of tit were coming and going at the sunflower hearts, BLUE, GREAT, COAL and MARSH TIT, and 3 finch species, GREEN, GOLD and CHAFFINCH. Just a maximum of 2 HOUSE SPARROWS and 2 STARLING were seen, the latter have only just been tempted in by the purchase of a bag of suet pellets, which also brought in 2 MAGPIES and a JACKDAW. A single ROBIN and BLACKBIRD, came and went once they had eaten, and 6 COLLARED DOVES vacuumed up the dropped seed. There are 4 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS coming to the feeders, but only a maximum of 2 together, they have regular battles with the NUTHATCH over peanut feeder.
I was let down with the delivery of the ply wood for the owl box today, apparently it will be here tommorow (Get your finger out Dave!!)

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Ken said...

Hi Warren.
Hopefully watching the garden birds took your mind off of paying for a mouth full of oral torture instruments.LOL