Sunday, 16 November 2008

A mild and windless Sunday, and another good species count for the day, 45 in total, with GREY WAGTAIL, LITTLE OWL,FIELDFARE, KESTREL, and a flyover LITTLE EGRET, to add to yesterdays sightings. The weekends total came to a whopping 54, one more than for the whole of November 2006 and two more than November 2004! The only species I could have expected to find, but didn't, was a Redwing.
Despite the good species count today, I didn't see any Linnet at Migrant alley, and there were fewer MEADOW PIPITS, 20-30 PIED WAGTAILS were trapped in the greenhouses, the automatic window system hadn't yet opened to let them out. The large feeding flock in the wet woods was again located, but I didn't find a Treecreeper, or any Redpoll with them today. SISKIN were in almost every alder tree I looked in, occasionally a few GOLDFINCH were with them. Another songster joined the ones I heard yesterday, a DUNNOCK, it was a pleasure to listen to.

The above ROBIN came up to me so close I could have reached out and touched it, so close in fact, I had to back away to take this picture.
Above and below: A Little Owl, it flew from the shack that the Barn owl uses, which wasn't at home today.

Below: Two Mute Swans again flew over. I think they must surely be the same two as yesterday

Lastly a ROOK one of 50+ that were feeding on the college sports pitch.


Anonymous said...

That Little Owl`s a belter. Is it me or does it appear to have more white than usual around the eyes.

Steve said...

Some great pictures today Warren...the Little Owl ones are excellent

fishing guy said...

Warren: Those are outstanding photos today. You did a wonderful with all the captures. I used to play a card game called Rook but had never seen one before.

Warren Baker said...

I thought it a bit 'whiter' than usual, maybe its an old bird!

Thanks Steve and F.G. glad you liked the photo's. It was just a lucky day!

Chris said...

Hi... I'm discovering this blog and I like it... I will come back...