Monday, 17 November 2008

I set of for work in bright frosty conditions this morning, but it didn't last, by the time I headed home it was dull, dank and drizzly. I did hear a SONGTHRUSH singing this morning, as well as the ever cheerful ROBINS.
This afternoon's walk only lasted for a little over an hour, as it was just about dark by 15:45. I only had time for a walk round the fields of Migrant Alley, and little was seen. There were lots of BLACKBIRDS and some Songthrush, feeding in amongst the now uncovered polytunnels. These are adjacent to the greenhouses and are used to grow even more Raspberries, there are quite a few berries still left. The scrubby, brambles and long grss around the greenhouses had plenty of DUNNOCK and WRENS, and the maize stubble next to it had mostly SKYLARK feeding in it, I counted at least 15. I suspect there were a few LINNET out there to, but it was too gloomy to see, the occasional MEADOW PIPIT was heard there also. Again most of the PIED WAGTAILS were trapped in the Greenhouses, I don't know if they will be freed or not, I hope they are. Two flocks of JACKDAWS went over, 57 in one and 34 in another, they could of been going to a pre - roost site at the college buildings. Apart from that, the odd MISTLE THRUSH was seen, one singing lustily, despite the conditions, a PHEASANT flew up in front of me and a flock of 7 FIELDFARE flew over. Not a very inspiring afternoon, but thats how November is in this part of the world!

Below is a pic. of the leftover Raspberries, I hope they are left over winter, they might just attract something interesting down.

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fishing guy said...

Warren: You have really been fighting the weather. I guess I think of rainy when I think of England. That was a nice capture of the raspberries.