Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Another one of those dark dank November days. I left the camera at home, even at 14:00 it was like twilight! I didn't expect much during my walk - and just as well, it was a dull affair. Just one of the KINGFISHERS on the lake brightened things up momentarily. The feeding flock of Tits etc. wasn't located in the wet woods, just a few MOORHEN scurried around.
It was 15:30 before I got to Migrant alley, and here, there were around 11 LINNET, and an impressive number of PIED WAGTAIL, at least 100 were in the Maize stubble. I heard a few MEADOW PIPIT out there as well, and 6 SKYLARK flew out. As I left I heard a thunder of wings, as at least 250 STARLINGS went low over, quite awsome! Oh, for some sunshine!!


Steve said...

Only 5 months Warren and we'll be notching up next years new arrivals!!

fishing guy said...

Warren: Our weather has been just like a roller coaster. We had snow last week, 75 F today and snow coming this weekend. It is so strange.