Thursday, 6 November 2008

The grey, overcast and damp conditions prevailed again today, however, early this morning, as I walked to work, I heard the call of a REDPOLL as it flew over Ashes lane. This species is no. 57 for the month, so I have already equaled the highest November total, achieved last year and in 2002, are there really more species about this November than in others? or am I becomming a better birder ? I actually think that there are more species around, plus my increased visits are the answer, but just 6 days to equal the total species seen in 30 days in other years, is quite something.
As the conditions were even worse this afternoon (it was now raining), I decided on a nice comfy garden bird watch. What I call the ''Usual eleven'' were evident within a few minutes, namely BLUE and GREAT TIT, GREEN, GOLD and CHAFFINCH, HOUSE SPARROW, DUNNOCK, COLLARED DOVE, ROBIN, BLACKBIRD and STARLING. There was also a supporting cast of not quite so commonly seen species, - COAL TIT, NUTHATCH, MAGPIE, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER and of course the SPARROWHAWK. Two JAYS continue to use the garden, they have been daily visitors now for several weeks, but up to that point, were very rare visitors. The only flyover seen was a CARRION CROW, whilst birds seen in the habitat around my house were few, just GREEN WOODPECKER, WOODPIGEON, JACKDAW and MISTLE THRUSH. A pleasant couple of hours, but not as good as being out on my patch! The weather looks to improve later tomorrow, lets hope so!

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fishing guy said...

Warren: I liked your consideration as to why you are seeing more. I know I see more birds since I have paid more attention.